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CHE?HARCHO! is a family restaurant of Black Sea cuisine from White Rabbit Family. The restaurant on Primorskaya always welcomes every guest. The menu includes affordable, but very tasty dishes made from local products. Everyone will find in CHE?HARCHO! dishes to taste: juicy khinkali, fragrant khachapuri in Adjarian style and proper shish kebab, rich soups and tender cutlets, as well as always delicious desserts.
Recipes of Caucasian cuisine and the Sochi culinary tradition have become more modern and elegant in the author's treatment by Vladimir Mukhin, brand chief of the WhiteRabbit Family alliance.

The restaurant CHE?HARCHO! Rosa Khutor is a unique place where affordable and delicious food is prepared from the best southern products. We are sure that only the freshest and most natural ingredients in the hands of a skilled chef will turn into amazing dishes. Therefore, the lamb on our menu is Dagestani, and the trout is from the crystal clear streams of the Caucasus Mountains. A children's menu is available for younger guests.