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CHE?HARCHO! A legendary restaurant that seems to have always been here. No matter what trends develop in the gastronomic reality, no matter what the season is, CHE?HARCHO! is always relevant. Kebabs and khinkali, Ossetian pies and homemade pickles, khachapuri and grilled dishes. Everything that is expected to be tried in Sochi


By the way, do not think that in CHE?HARCHO! are limited only to Caucasian cuisine. The whole Black Sea coast is gastronomically covered here, so there is a place on the menu for borscht with garlic and pampushki, and for pike perch fillet with green peas, and for rapan in cream sauce. But what's in CHE?HARCHO! Caucasian one hundred percent, so this is hospitality. If it's your birthday, know that they will definitely come up to you, put on a hat, give you a real horn with a drink, sing a song for you and play the drums. Well, if you don't have enough gastronomic adventures, then be sure to try the giant cheburek.