About the restaurant

"Che? Harcho!" is a family restaurant of the Black Sea cuisine, a popular project of the White Rabbit Family.

The restaurant on Primorskaya street is open during the warm season and is always happy to welcome every guest.


In the menu, there are simple, but very tasty dishes made of local products. Everyone will find something to enjoy: juicy khinkali, khachapuri in Adzharian style and tasty shish kebab, rich soups and tender cutlets, always fresh desserts.


An extra feature of the "Che? Harcho" on Primorskaya street is live music. After 7 p.m. on the scene of the restaurant they play relaxing jazz, romantic blues and sparkling rock and roll: music gives guests a great mood.

Cuisine of Black Sea


Kitchen of the "Che? Harcho!" is headed by the famous Russian chef Vladimir Mukhin, who is the brand-chef of the restaurant White Rabbit which took the 15th place in the World's 50 Best Restaurants rating.

In Vladimir Mukhin author's treatment recipes of Georgian cuisine and the Sochi culinary tradition have become more modern and elegant.


In the menu of "Che? Harcho!"there are lamb shashlik, homemade khinkali and Black Sea fish: fresh and tasty. Next to Caucasian dishes, there are delicious borsch, tender hummus, and mussels in the creamy sauce. Among desserts, you will find both classics, and chef’s specials: children will love "nuts" with condensed milk filling, and adults will appreciate pear strudel with ice cream.


"Che? Harcho!" is a unique restaurant where affordable and tasty food is prepared from the best southern products. We are sure that only fresh and natural ingredients in the hands of the skillful chef will turn into amazing dishes. Therefore, grilled chicken in our menu is from Adyghea, lamb is from Dagestan, and trout is caught in the crystal clear streams of the Caucasian mountains.