A popular chain of Black Sea cuisine restaurants by White Rabbit Family. Che? Harcho! in Sochi works during summer at the main tourist boardwalk. Che? Harcho! next to the funicular is open all year long.

The restaurants present affordable dishes made from local ingredients, with an accent on grilled food and, of course, live music: every evening at Che? Harcho! you can hear popular rock and jazz hits performed by live acts.

Che? Harcho! is the Sochi summer in every dish. Here you can always feel the way that southern generosity combines with true Caucasian hospitality.

Black Sea cuisine

Traditional Caucasian hinkali, filled with delicious boullion, juicy kebabs and shashlik. Lavish bites for large groups that can be enjoyed with friends, desserts that you will not want to share with anybody. And, of course, Black Sea fish. At Che? Harcho! we have collected all of the best local ingredients in order to cook authentic dishes, which many can relate to from their childhood memories: holodets, satsivi, borsch and harcho, hachapuri and chicken cutlets.

Cooking affordable and delicious food while retaining freshness, natural taste and healthiness of southern products is the key idea behind Che? Harcho!’s kitchen.