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CHE?HARCHO!: Easter cakes and baskets for Bright Sunday
Already now in the restaurant of Caucasian and Black Sea cuisines CHE?HARCHO! and on the project's website you can pre-order Easter cakes and baskets.

By Easter, the team CHE?HARCHO! will bake fragrant, flavorful and syrup-soaked cakes with prunes and dried apricots in its own bakery. As a decoration for smaller pastries (450 g / 1,700 rubles) – lavender and rose, and for larger cakes (850 g / 2,400 rubles) – chocolate nests and eggs.

Each story will be presented as part of a beautiful Easter basket, which is convenient to take with you to the temple for the sacrament of consecration. In one there is a cake decorated with lavender and a rose, two gingerbread cookies: with the inscription XB and in the form of a rabbit – and an Easter chocolate egg, inside which there are golden chocolate mini-eggs (1 kg / 7,500 rubles). The composition of the other Easter basket will differ only in the cake: a cake decorated with a chocolate nest and eggs (1.4 kg / 9000 rubles) will be placed in it.