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A restaurant with excellent Caucasian and Black Sea cuisine
Now you don't have to go to the south of the country to enjoy delicious dishes of Caucasian and Black Sea cuisine. It is enough to be in the center of Moscow and now you are in the warm atmosphere of the family restaurant CHE?HARCHO

This is the third restaurant of the same name in Russia. The institution opened in August 2022. The first two restaurants of the WRF alliance are located in the south of the country – in Sochi.
CHE?HARCHO - a place with traditional Caucasian hospitality is perfect for family gatherings and fun meetings with friends. The restaurant's menu includes dishes of Caucasian and Black Sea cuisine, Georgian wines and excellent desserts

After a walk – to a restaurant CHE?HARCHO

The establishment is located very conveniently – to the right of the main entrance to Gorky Park. It's nice to go there after a long walk or ice skating. In winter and in bad weather, guests are invited to sit at comfortable tables indoors, and in summer on a spacious veranda where you can watch the cooking process of delicious kebabs, khachapuri, khinkali and other dishes.

Caucasian cuisine is for meat eaters

There is a lot of meat, vegetables, spices, sauces, herbs. In CHE?HARCHO you can try dishes that are traditional for Caucasian, in particular for Georgian cuisine:

a cradle made of different types of meat;
kharcho soup homemade
Khachapuri in Adjarian, Megrelian, etc.

And, of course, do not forget about the incredibly delicious red Georgian wine for meat.

Black Sea cuisine – dedicated to fish lovers

The Black Sea cuisine is saturated with the southern sun and the sea wind. The restaurant prepares fried lamb, gyuvech shrimp, pike cutlets. To complete the taste of the dishes, try to complement them with white wine from the restaurant's wine collection

What else is on the restaurant menu

Be sure to try the main hit – a huge cheburek with lamb or a mixture of beef and pork. The width of the cheburek is 40-50 mm, and before serving it is inflated in a special way, so that the dish looks quite impressive.
Sweet tooth will be pleased with interesting desserts, for example, khinkali with persimmon.

The whole family in CHE?HARCHO

If you are looking for a place where there will be delicious food and a pleasant atmosphere, then you have found it. Come with the whole family or with friends to have fun and have an appetite and try traditional Caucasian and Black Sea dishes.
The restaurant is located at 9 Krymsky Val str., building 2.
Southern CHE?HARCHO will also delight guests with a simple, clear and hearty cuisine. There are dishes for the whole family on the menu, always relevant during the holidays.
Addresses of restaurants:

Rosa Khutor, Olympic, 35.
Sochi, Primorskaya, 3/10.

CHE?HARCHO is a place where the attentive staff will surround you with care and offer delicious food.
Try new dishes and expand your gastronomic knowledge.

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